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20th Anniversary Merchandise


20th Anniversary Signature Collection Package
$75.00  $65.00

Less than 30 availableGive this one-of-a-kind package as a thank you, welcome gift or raffle prize. All items come wrapped in a Photo Archival Box with custom IIDA ribbon tucked into the limited edition tote. Included in the box is an everyday Rayon Scarf, Silk Scarf, Silk Pocket Square, and 20th Anniversary Notebook. Total value of the gift package is over $85.00.  Download the order form here.

20th Anniversary Custom Tote
14” x 11” x 5.5”
$24.00  $20.00

Less than 100 available Turn heads with this luxurious, limited edition quilted micro fiber tote lined with the IIDA 20th Anniversary custom designed logo pattern by Thirst. Each tote is individually numbered, adding to the one-of-a-kind design. Perfect for toting your lunch or workout accessories to the office! Download the order form here.

20th Anniversary

Silk Pocket Square
8” x 8” 

Less than 10 leftFor the men of IIDA, we offer Thirst’s custom 20th Anniversary pocket square design in a deep grey with red and black accents. Perfect for any suit-and-tie event. Download the order form here.

20th Anniversary Notebook
Sold Out

20th Anniversary Rayon Scarf
28” x 70”
$15.00  $13.00

Less than 50 leftSoft scarf with Thirst designed IIDA 20th anniversary logo pattern - perfect for pairing with jeans or a blazer. Throw this piece over your shoulders or tie it stylishly for the upcoming autumn months. Download the order form here.

IIDA 2014 Metal Luggage Tag
4 1/4"x 2 1/2"

This brushed aluminum luggage tag adds a classy touch and secures your luggage while traveling. Place your business card in the plastic slot for easy identification. Designed in-house at HQ, the IIDA logo is a predominant vision while traveling. Download the order form here.

IIDA Archival Box and IIDA Ribbon
Sold Out