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Competition FAQ


Design Problem and Competition Requirement Questions Answered


Is there a tenant above the 7th floor co-working and retail space? Is it possible to puncture the ceiling, to add skylights, for example? Can you confirm ceiling height? 
There is a newly added 8th floor with an existing tenant, so it will not be possible to puncture the ceiling. The ceiling height is confirmed at 12’; 14' to the deck when exposed.

Is it possible to move exterior walls to create an outdoor space?

What are the raw materials of the interior of the building? Is the construction type (IBC) defined?
Raw materials are IBC Type IV – Heavy Timber.

What are the sizes and heights of the windows? What are the sill and head heights of the space?
Exact measurements for the sizes and heights of the windows are not available. Sill and head heights are also not available. Designers can make educated decisions regarding the windows and utilize those measurements in their design.

Can you confirm or clarify the inset spaces on the plan on the south wall? These are directly adjacent to the stairs and restrooms. Are they storage? Electrical?
These are mechanical and electrical closets. The mechanical closet is the west room. The electrical closet is east.

Are the companies in the space during the day the same companies utilizing the retail space at night? What time does the retail space open and what time does the business have to close to convert to that space? How many total businesses will utilize the space? Do customers and co-workers have access to other building amenities? If so, what are they?
Yes, the same “companies” will use the space during the day and night. These “companies” will rarely have more than 3 employees, and most often will consist of 1 or 2 people. Inside the 15,000-square-foot co-working space, you must provide a working space for its 60 co-working tenants.

Occupancy will range from 40 to 85 percent at any given time with an average of 60 percent. In the evenings, the space has two hours to transform itself – from 5 to 7 p.m. – into the event space that displays the members’ various retail products. These events could feature 1 to 4 of the member brands at a time and should accommodate 75 guests. These social retailers will be selling anything from children’s clothes to essential oils and much more.

When incorporating other companies/tenants or retail, are there specific companies we have to use or specific types of things to sell within the space?
No. Please design the space without knowing the full make-up of the membership, but that the members will come and go and the businesses will change.

How much space do we get on the first floor of the building for advertising?
On event evenings, there will be temporary signage allowed to reflect the companies/entrepreneurs showing that day. When considering temporary signage, especially in the space, please have an understanding of Visual Magnetics.

Is there rooftop access?
The rooftop is active, but is not accessible from our floor and not part of our lease.

Is there any opportunity to attach anything to the side of the building besides signage?

How can the water towers be utilized or altered?
There are no specific guidelines for the water towers on how they should be used or altered. Feel free to get creative.

Can we edit the structure around the lone set of stairs? Are the columns structural?
The columns are structural; otherwise, feel free to make changes.

What percentage of OFS Brands is required to be incorporated?
At least 50 percent is ideal. Here are some additional details:

  • MileMarker by Carolina for all millwork in the space.
  • Visual Magnetics for all signage.
  • We recommend exploring the entire OFS Brands product portfolio at OFSBRANDS.COM. Here are a few recommendations to get started: Applause, Intermix, Intermix Work, Re:, Staks, Coact, Qove, Genus, Flexxy, and Edge.
  • OFS Brands offers a lot of special and custom products. If you don’t see exactly what you need — whether it’s size, material or function — please use an original product as inspiration and adapt it to your needs.

Please confirm this list of products qualify: OFS, FIRST OFFICE, CAROLINA, HIGHMARK, LOWENSTEIN.
These are confirmed.

Can you also confirm that other vendors can be the student’s choice?
These are confirmed.

The floor plans have stairs in the middle, where do they lead to (as is it part of the main entrance to the 7th floor)? Is one elevator and stair designated as the primary entrance from the ground floor?
The stairs provide access to the floors above and below, and will lead all the way to the lobby. There is no designated primary entrance. All elevators are available for tenant use.

Is there any configuration of the lobby that we need to design the signage for?
For the main lobby of the building, this is not required. For the leased space, yes, you will need a lobby/welcome space with adaptable signage that best fits the needs of Social Station.

Should we plan/program for full-time staff since there will be events? How should we design the lobby/entry area off of the elevator bank for the floor plate? Should we creating a reception/concierge desk? And if so, that goes back to trying to understand if there will be full staff in the space.
It is not mandatory, but if part of your solution is providing room for 2 - 3 permanent workers, we would encourage that.

Is there any way we can obtain pictures of the interior of the building and specifically the seventh floor?
No, there are no additional pictures to provide to the creative brief for this competition.

With each of the lines listed in point 2 under Sponsor Requirements being under the OFS Brands umbrella, how does this requirement differ from the "Design Solutions" OFS Brands requirement?
These are suggested additional product lines from OFS that must be used in the design solution.

Would the custom furniture be created by OFS Brands?
All custom furniture would be created by OFS Brands.

Are the space program requirements, specifically areas like the prep-kitchen and 3-D printer, communal?
Yes, they would be available for all coworkers.

Do we need to consider adding mail slots for the various retail tenants in the space? Or is it safe to assume that will be available in the building lobby?
Mail services are available in the lobby.


For more inspiration, please watch this video that includes some additional information and photos of the space.