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Design Practice/Theory

As the World Turns
Perspective - Summer 2011
Analyzing the IIDA Global Excellence Awards
by David Sokol
All Form is Fair Game
Perspective - Spring 2010
Cincinnati-based product design firm Kaleidoscope identified six major furniture design trends at two of last year's international furniture shows. We share those findings and examine their possible causes and effects.
by Michele Meyer
The Future of Evidence-Based Design
Perspective - Spring 2010
Long associated with healthcare architecture, evidence-based design is making inroads into being part of the process for designing schools, office spaces, museums and more. We explore how data is informing design decisions and how it fits into the future of the industry.
by David Whitemyer
Influential Projects of 2009
Perspective - Winter 2010
Perspective scoured the globe to uncover some of the most influential projects from the past year and found four that not only evoke emotion, but were propelled by motion.
by Michele Meyer
Frames of Mind
Perspective - Fall 2009
Psychology may play a greater role in the business of Interior Design than most might think. We explore the relationship between emotion, perception and the profession.
by Meredith Landry
Come to Your Senses
Perspective - Spring 2008
SPRING 2008 - To create relaxing, healing environments, designers tap into sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.
by Catherine Warren Leone
Sense and Sensibility
Perspective - Fall 2007
SUMMER 2007 - Meeting the needs of today’s diverse communities requires a sharp eye for cultural understanding.
by Janet Liao
The Power to Define
Perspective - Summer 2007
SUMMER 2007 - Organizations whose spaces reflect their true brand identity — from retail stores to corporate offices — are the most successful.
by Michelle Bowles
A World Away
Perspective - Fall 2006
Every project has a lesson to teach. It’s up to designers to apply those lessons to future work.
by Judi Ketteler
Alone Time
Perspective - Spring 2006
SPRING 2006 - Increasing demands for privacy in the office, healthcare and governmental sectors spur a host of innovative design approaches.
by Eileen Watkins
Anthropology in Design
Perspective - Spring 2006
SPRING 2006 - An old science makes a new impact on interior design.
by David Whitemyer
The New Rules
Perspective - Winter 2006
WINTER 2006 - American designers await the finalization of the new ADA Accessibility Guidelines—and to learn what impact it could have on their daily work.
by Shaila Williams
All For One
Perspective - Summer 2005
SUMMER 2005 - The design-build delivery method is changing the way designers work.
by Latoya Nelson
Match Makers
Perspective - Summer 2005
SUMMER 2005 - Finding and breaking the rules of harmonious pairings.
by Marge D. Hansen
Flight Patterns
Perspective - Spring 2005
SPRING 2005 - Designers have the power to affect movement, drawing people away from one location and beckoning them toward the next.
by Marge D. Hansen
Ageless Inspiration
Perspective - Fall 2004
With a mature career and years of experience, established designers find inspiration in the world around them.
by Kim Kaiser
A Question of Identity
Perspective - Summer 2004
Must corporate branding reign supreme, or should branch facilities make room for self-expression?
by Eileen Watkins
8 Solutions
Perspective - Spring 2004
Interior designers tackled eight demanding projects that push the boundaries of innovation.
by Michelle Taute
20/20 Vision
Perspective - Winter 2004
Global designers discuss how they transform groundbreaking thought into reality.
In Search of Excellence
Perspective - Winter 2004
Consistent best practices help designers deliver value and efficiency. However, what’s “best” for one professional is not always universal.
by Ross Foti
Perspective - Winter 2004
Lighting designers infuse imagination with technology to go past sheer physical needs and enrich the living environment.
by Marge D. Hansen
Perspective - Fall 2003
As worldwide perceptions of interior design evolve, the demand for residential expertise is growing. How professionals approach their craft will decide their fate as the leaders or the followers of the future.
by Ross Foti
Leaving Their Mark
Perspective - Fall 2003
These influential design firms are turning heads and changing the future of design.
by Natalie Bauer
Design Decoded
A close look at problem-solving strategies behind three IIDA Global Excellence Awards winners.
by Der Spiegel Canteen, Donato Salon + Spa, and Neo Derm The Centre
Inside the Design Mind
Putting the prototypical Interior Designer on the couch.
by Jen Renzi
Retaking Place
The increasing influence of virtual technologies both reinforces our need for designed places and forever changes our experience of them
by Jan Lakin