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IIDA Student Booth Design Competition at Orgatec Guidelines


Who Should Enter

This competition is open to students worldwide who are currently enrolled in an Interior Design/Architecture program or university. Participants can enter individually or as a team (maximum of 2 people).

Submission Requirements

Your project must be submitted digitally through the competition website by March 9, 2018, 11:59 p.m. Central time. Each submission must include the following:

  1. Project/Contact Info (entry form)
    1. Participant name(s)
    2. Member ID (if a current member)
    3. Project title
    4. Contact info
    5. 500-word project description outlining your concept 
  2. (1) 24”x36” digital presentation board in PDF format not to exceed 20MB,  containing:

    NOTE: Do not place your name or other identifying information on your images or you may be disqualified.

    1. (1) Dimensioned floor plan drawn to scale and/or furniture plan (these may be combined)
    2. (2) Booth wall elevations (applied graphics, textiles, paint etc.)
    3. (1) to (3) Renderings
    4. Additional drawings (elevation, perspective, isometric, axonometric, orthographic)
    5. Additional elements to convey the overall concept including, but not limited to furniture and fixture specifications, color palettes, wall sections, electrical plans, schedules, additional renderings, etc.
    6. File name: BDC + initials + year_board (for ex: BDCAW18_board.pdf)
  3. Individual JPEG digital submissions of the (5) to (8) required drawings/renderings outlined above saved as:
    1. RGB color mode
    2. Maximum size of 10MB per image not to exceed 11”x17”
    3. File name: BDC + initials + year_number (for ex: BDCAW18_1.jpg)
    4. Document dimensions: not to exceed 11”x17”

    NOTE: Do not place your name or other identifying information on your images or you may be disqualified.

    **IIDA reserves the right to alter the final design, in working with the winning student(s), to fit the needs of the booth, space, and overall mission of IIDA.**

Entry Fees

Individual Entries:

  1. IIDA Student Members – $30.00
  2. Non-members – $60.00

Team Entries:

  1. IIDA Student Members – $50.00 (at least one student on the team must be an IIDA Student Member)
  2. Non-members – $80.00

Contact Information

For questions or more information, please contact Clare Socker at

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