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Hybrid Professionals
Perspective - Summer 2011
Product design, exhibit design, branding and signage—these are some of the crossover specialties that interior designers commonly participate in that enrich our practices and open up new opportunities. But how far can we push the disciplinary boundaries? As a problem-solving process, design confounds any narrow notion of the practice as resulting exclusively in a physical end product. In fact, this view opens the field to infinite applications. Perspective looks at five Designers (with a capital D) of this cast and their design journeys. They come from a variety of professions, but they all embrace this broader concept of design and tap into the same skill set that’s at the foundation of what we do as interior designers. They use the design process mindset to expand their practices to address issues they are passionate about. In fact, their interface with another discipline is so intense, we’re calling them Hybrid Professionals.
by Jan Lakin
The Power of Women
Perspective - Summer 2010
We get up close and personal with five of Interior Design's most prolific female figures, including Anita Barnett, Jane Rohde, Nila Leiserowitz, Barbara Barry and Robin Kehr Avia.
by Chi-an Chang
Rising Stars
Perspective - Fall 2005
FALL 2005 - Five young designers make their marks with quiet but dogged ambition.
by Judi Ketteler
Living Heroes
Perspective - Summer 2005
SUMMER 2005 - Five who changed the face of interior design.
by Eileen Watkins
Push the Envelope
Perspective - Fall 2004
A profile of IIDA's "Ten to Watch" introduces 10 young professionals who have what it takes to propel the design world in new directions.
by Natalie Bauer
Monumental Significance
Perspective - Summer 2004
Daniel Libeskind, IIDA’s keynote speaker at NeoCon, incorporates the past, present and future into his design to achieve an enduring testament to his great love: architecture.
by Ross Foti
Designer Dialogue: Primo Orpilla
The vision behind paradigm-shifting open-plan work spaces of tech titans like Facebook and Yelp is steering office design into the future.
by Jan Renzi