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Practice Management/Career Development

The Consulting Advantage
Perspective - Summer 2011
Designers who have added consulting to their repertoire believe it substantially enhances their ability to provide effective and creative solutions for clients.
by Ernest Beck
The Virtuous Circle
Perspective - Summer 2011
John Peterson founded the nonprofit organization Public Architecture. Perspective invited Peterson to discuss the value that interior designers especially bring to pro bono service and the rewards they may reap.
by John Peterson
Trending Research
Perspective - Summer 2011
Increasingly designers are flexing their research muscles, clients are expecting informed solutions, and our spaces—and our profession—are the better for it.
by David Whitemyer
The Power of Perseverance
Perspective - Summer 2010
Creativity has always fueled design. But now, downsized architects and Interior Designers find it's spurring more--and that it helps them keep their artistic juices flowing so they can pay their bills until they are rehired.
by Michele Meyer
The Power to Innovate
Perspective - Summer 2010
The power of design isn't limited to the innovation of the designer. We explore the strategies developed by manufacturers and designers to not only help their clients be more innovative, but also to improve their relationships with each other.
by Steve Hendershot
The Power to Reinvent
Perspective - Summer 2010
Increasingly, Interior Designers are entering the industry after working for years in a different field, from finance to fashion and everything in between. We explore how these new recruits are finding professional fulfillment the second time around.
by Michele Bowles
Prioritizing Project Management
Perspective - Spring 2010
Interior Designers may not have entered the profession to become project managers, but today's competitive marketplace requires more project management skills. Here's how designers can hone those skills to set themselves apart and improve client satisfaction in the process.
by Laura Schlereth
Crossing Over
Perspective - Winter 2010
Multidiscipline practice fosters good business as well as good design.
by David Whitemyer
Redesigning the Future
Perspective - Fall 2009
Four experienced residential designers discuss the evolution of the profession, from the recession to the popularization of interior design to the oversaturation of the marketplace — and ponder what lies ahead.
The Power to Deliver
Perspective - Summer 2009
When interior designers are integrated into the project team from day one, clients benefit by achieving the highest-quality end product.
by Michelle Bowles
The Power to Thrive
Perspective - Summer 2009
It's more important than ever for designers to network, build skills and market themselves.
by B.G. Yovovich
Around the World
Perspective - Winter 2009
Many interior designers choose to manage risk and make themselves more marketable by diversifying their areas of practice. But more are branching out geographically, as well — from Eastern Asia to Western India to the Middle East.
by Deborah Silver
Design Rebels
Perspective - Winter 2009
In search of creative projects, some inspired interior designers look beyond traditional design fields and find lesser-known markets for their services.
by Tegan Jones
From a New Angle
Perspective - Winter 2009
When clients are forced to cut their budgets and watch their bottom lines, interior designers must find ways to do more with less.
by Steven Graubart
Mentoring 2.0
Perspective - Winter 2009
The next generation of interior designers may be unlike any before it. But interior design firms are crafting new, inventive mentoring methods to develop the skills of younger designers.
by B.G. Yovovich
Size Doesn't Matter
Perspective - Fall 2008
FALL 2008 - Small firms prove that when it comes to Interior Design, size doesn't matter.
by David Whitemyer
Ready or Not, Here They Come
Perspective - Spring 2008
SPRING 2008 - Millennials at work.
by Ryan Bartelmay
From the Inside Out
Perspective - Winter 2008
WINTER 2007 - Gaining expertise in your client's industry not only keeps you focused on the bottom line, it also makes you a better designer.
by Judi Ketteler
Get on Board
Perspective - Winter 2008
WINTER 2007 - Even the best projects can fail if end-users reject the new concept. But communication goes a long way when it comes to securing buy-in.
by Ryan Bartelmay
Stand Out
Perspective - Fall 2007
SUMMER 2007 - Step into your clients' shoes and learn how to set yourself apart from the competition.
by Janet Liao
The Incredible Shrinking Globe
Perspective - Fall 2007
SUMMER 2007 - To take advantage of booming global economies, domestic firms are opening offices around the world.
by David Whitemyer
You're Speaking My Language
Perspective - Spring 2007
SPRING 2007 - Learning to communicate with C-Suite executives elevates designers to become valued consultants.
by Judi Ketteler
Cheer Up
Perspective - Winter 2007
WINTER 2007 - Sometimes it’s tough for designers to stay passionate about their profession day after day.
by Jeff Gavin
The "I" in Team
Perspective - Winter 2007
WINTER 2007 - Interior designers stand to learn a lesson in teamwork from industrial designers who draw insight from all walks of life.
by Anne Brooks Ranallo
Before You Sign
Perspective - Fall 2006
FALL 2006 - Designers keeping a watchful eye on project contracts ensure that both they and their clients are protected and happy.
by David Whitemyer
Lessons Learned
Perspective - Fall 2006
FALL 2006 - Every project has a lesson to teach. It’s up to designers to apply those lessons to future work.
by Judi Ketteler
All Business?
Perspective - Fall 2005
FALL 2005 - Interior design's most senior positions strive for the perfect balance of business savvy and creative talent.
by Katriel Costello
Entrepreneurial Eyes
Perspective - Winter 2005
WINTER 2005 - How four veteran business owners risked, sacrificed and triumphed in self-employment.
by Kim Lande
Measure of Success
Perspective - Winter 2005
WINTER 2005 - Sometimes, the secret to professional success is as simple as making a list.
by Shaila Williams
Relationship Advice
Perspective - Winter 2005
WINTER 2005 - Clients aren’t what they used to be. They’re more.
by Anne Brooks Ranallo
Fringe Benefits
Perspective - Spring 2004
Great design firms offer their employees more than just a salary.
by Natalie Bauer
Open Source
In a world of expanding options, designers are finding new ways to research and understand materials and products.
by Jennifer K. Gorsche
The Inside Picture
Architectural Photographer And Former Magazine Photo Editor Bilyana Dimitrova Discusses The Intricacies Of Documenting Your Interior Design Project
by Bilyana Dimitrova
The Social Network
It’s A Design Conversation You Shouldn’t Be Missing
by Julie Taraska
What Do Clients Want
IIDA gets the inside scoop from CEO's.
by David Sokol