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Design Leveraged, Vol. 2


Design Leveraged Vol 2 Understanding the power of workplace design can be the difference between attracting and retaining the best employees and losing out to your competitors. For the second in our Design Leveraged series, IIDA and BIFMA commissioned a study examining how design affects employee satisfaction and engagement. What we found makes clear: There is an undeniable business case for good design. IIDA Members receive a full copy of the digital report. Read a sample.



Economic Impact Study Have you wanted to explain the impact interior design has on the economy of your state but struggled to find the information? In early 2016, IIDA Headquarters teamed up with the IIDA Foundation to fund a research study that provides important data and facts supporting interior design's economic and fiscal impact on the United States and within each state. IIDA Members receive a full copy of the digital report. Read a sample.


2015 IIDA Annual Report


2015 Annual Report How has IIDA best-served its members in 2015? View the achievements, initiatives, and financials that have positioned IIDA in a place to continue growing as the premier Commercial Interior Design Association through 2016 and beyond. Read the report.


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