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A Room with a View
Perspective - Summer 2009
The contrast between cool minimalist architecture and warm interior elements, combined with endless city views, make this Hollywood Hills home both breathtaking and completely livable.
by Sara Robertson
Simply Living
Perspective - Fall 2007
Design duo finds joy and serenity in creating an eco-friendly, unassuming home that embraces nature.
by Michele Meyer
Calm Waters
Perspective - Summer 2004
Bathrooms are both architectural spaces of understated design and sanctuaries where water provides therapy.
by Katriel Costello
Safe, Smart, Secure
Perspective - Spring 2004
The next generation of “smart” home security systems will revolutionize how we live by protecting our health, not just our security.
by Adrienne J. Rewi
Beyond Walls
Perspective - Winter 2004
Designers are pushing spatial boundaries in their search for new ways to address changing human needs.
by Adrienne J. Rewi
Ooh! What a House
Perspective - Fall 2003
The 2003 Residential Design Competition winner reveals her approach to design and the creative thought process that resulted in this prestigious award.
by Rebecca Rolfes
Think Small, Live Big
Perspective - Summer 2003
Small urban spaces prompt designers, materials manufacturers and furniture makers to develop unique solutions.
by Anne Brooks Ranallo