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2017 Student Design Competition Winners




The 2017 Student Design Competition challenged participants to design the new marketing and sales support office at OFS Brands Headquarters in Huntingburg, Indiana.



Nanmei Jiang, Student IIDA
Ara Kim, Student IIDA

Wan Ting Hsieh, Student IIDA
New York School of Interior Design

Homffice is inspired by traditional American ideas of home. The main work station area is designed as a living room, private offices are set up as “bedroom” spaces, and conference rooms are designed like dining room spaces with movable coffee carts and cabinets. The office also contains three indoor gardens (fun and relaxing “moments”) that serve to inspire employees in their day-to-day work and ease their stress from demanding tasks. 

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Veronica Sanders, Student IIDA
Dana Shihabeddin
University of Texas at Arlington

Regeneration focuses on the regenerative furniture design process through departmental organization and was inspired by Indiana’s Cataract Falls, a nature park two hours north of OFS Brands Headquarters. Dropped and slatted ceilings mimic the natural flow of water to add ambiance and height variations. In the hallway, a wall graphic of inspirational quotes and company images display the OFS Brands’ values and history, while the adjacent vegetated wall replants trees in honor of employees of the month.

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Hannah Monroe
Brooke Pogue
Mississippi State University

Into the Woods references OFS Brands ties to nature, which is brought into the office with a natural color palette and sustainable materials. Taking inspiration from how flora and fauna grow and persevere, Into the Woods offers areas for problem solving or personal reflection. Private nooks can be used for conversations or project work, and the collaborative corner can be utilized by any department to meet for brainstorming.

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2017 Jury


Nick Blessinger
Director of Marketing, Education
OFS Brands

Nick Blesinger
Lindzey Duval, Student IIDA
Interior Design Coordinator
Lindzey Duval
Betsy Vohs, Associate IIDA
Founder & CEO
Studio BV
Betsy Vohs