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The Power of Alternative Ideas
Perspective - Summer 2010
The last 10 years have been deemed "The Green Decade." But beyond sustainable materials, today's green-alternative practices are keeping the design industry focused on the future.
by David Whitemyer
Designers are Visionaries
Perspective - Summer 2008
SUMMER 2008 - Interior designers are leading the green revolution beyond the built environment by changing the behaviors and mindsets of clients.
by David Whitemyer
The Gold Standard
Perspective - Summer 2008
IIDA’s new Headquarters and Learning Center achieve LEED Gold certification.
by Michelle Bowles
The Green Jungle
Perspective - Winter 2008
WINTER 2007 - With so many sustainable certifications and rating systems flooding the market, it can be difficult for designers to know what's green and what's greenwash.
by David Whitemyer
The Power to SAVE
Perspective - Summer 2007
SUMMER 2007 - Green design not only provides significant cost benefits, but health and environmental ones as well. And it all starts with lighting.
by Lisa Kahn
Into The Light
Perspective - Winter 2006
WINTER 2006 - Global lighting experts point to new energy-efficient lighting technologies, daylighting and interior designers themselves as the key ingredients to a sustainable future.
by Adrienne J. Rewi
Cradle to Cradle
Perspective - Spring 2005
SPRING 2005 - Designers work to reconcile the demand for totally recyclable design with the means required to achieve it.
by Anne Brooks Ranallo