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PreFab for All
Perspective - Spring 2010
Designers and architects have been experimenting more often with prefabrication as a means to deliver well-designed structures that feature clean lines and open floor plans. Take a look at the state of prefab in residential, school and commercial spaces today.
by Clare Curley
Challenging Reality: The Shift from Physical to Virtual
Perspective - Summer 2009
A closer look at the virtual revolution
Exploring the Surface: The Technical Side of Laminate
Perspective - Spring 2008
by Wilsonart Contract
A Journey Into the World of Mosaics: Historical and Contemporary Use
Perspective - Fall 2007
by Lewis J. Goetz, FIIDA, FAIA
The Power of Community
Perspective - Summer 2006
SUMMER 2006 - Today's designers are collaborating with mayors, city councils, architects, urban planners and community members to make their cities more attractive and long-lasting.
by Michelle Bowles and Heidi M. Hjerpe
Mind Over Matter
Perspective - Spring 2006
SPRING 2006 - After decades of hype, interior designers and manufacturers finally are seeing the impact of nanotechnology in their daily work.
by Adrienne J. Rewi
Live Wired
Perspective - Spring 2005
SPRING 2005 - As technology grows "smarter" by the second, designers seek new ways to futureproof domestic wiring systems.
by Adrienne J. Rewi
Tactile Technology
Perspective - Winter 2005
WINTER 2005 - The textile industry traditionally has been conservative and slow to change. But emerging technologies soon will have a revolutionary effect on the way interior designers proceed through the 21st century.
by Adrienne J. Rewi
Taking Control
Perspective - Spring 2004
Modern HVAC systems overcome limitations and help revolutionize interiors.
by Judi Ketteler
The Right Materials
Perspective - Winter 2004
In new materials selection and execution, outrageous and impractical aren’t necessarily synonymous.
by Jeff Berger
Changing Aesthetics
Perspective - Fall 2003
The world seems smaller, consumers are more cultured, everyone is connected—and designers are listening.
by Jennifer Grover Prokopy
White Hot, Ice Cold
Perspective - Fall 2003
The future of environmental controls takes heed of both nature and technology.
by Katriel Costello
Urban Tech
Perspective - Summer 2003
Today's designers apply technology to make commercial spaces more livable.
by Lois Mentrup
Power Tools
The progress report on interior designers’ use of technology is impressive yet still lacking. Some firms are agile adoptees, yet the practice on the whole could be leveraging much more.
by Alan G. Brake