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Thought Leadership

Under the Influence
Perspective - Winter 2010
The restaurant, hotel and healthcare design industries are showing that they all influence each other — and the result is a more welcoming, uniquely designed service.
by Laura Schlereth
The Power to Protect
Perspective - Summer 2009
Interior designers ensure public health, safety and welfare through steadfast attention to air quality, accessibility, fire safety and ergonomics.
by Laura Schlereth
Designers are Advocates
Perspective - Summer 2008
SUMMER 2008 - Interior designers across the United States continue to be the leading voices for their profession by spearheading regulatory legislation.
by Karina Sanchez
Designers are Motivators
Perspective - Summer 2008
SUMMER 2008 - In a world of 400 million obese and 1.6 billion overweight adults, interior designers - perhaps as much as nutritionists or doctors - can encourage physical activity and, in turn, healthy lifestyles.
by Jan Stone
Designers are Professionals
Perspective - Summer 2008
SUMMER 2008 - A host of design television shows and consumer magazines may portray Interior Design as one-dimensional, but has the increased media attention also raised awareness?
by Michelle Bowles
All About the "I"
Perspective - Winter 2008
WINTER 2007 - IIDA’s 2007 Industry Roundtable brought together interior design experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented as design goes international.
Design Philanthropy
Perspective - Spring 2007
SPRING 2007 - Design is fulfilling a greater role through humanitarian work across the globe.
by Janet Liao
Untapped Knowledge
Perspective - Spring 2007
SPRING 2007 - Collaboration among interior designers and architects is growing by leaps and bounds. A panel of IIDA and AIA leaders weigh in on what designers stand to learn from architects, and what the interior design profession can offer architecture.
by Michelle Bowles
The Power to be Valued
Perspective - Summer 2006
SUMMER 2006 - Designers can use their knowledge and talents to service the most basic needs of human beings across the globe.
by Cameron Sinclair
Defining Ourselves
Perspective - Winter 2006
WINTER 2006 - The interesting and urgent questions raised by the Interior Design Body of Knowledge.
by John Weigand, IIDA
Practice (And Title) Makes Perfect
Perspective - Winter 2006
WINTER 2006 - The once grassroots movement for interior design protection acts has found its way to mainstream acceptance.
by David Whitemyer
Compass vs. Computer
Perspective - Winter 2005
WINTER 2005 - Technology is changing the face of interior design. But rather than exerting its power through one killer app, it’s flexing influence in a much more sophisticated way.
by Michelle Taute
Art & Science
Perspective - Fall 2004
Multidisciplinary researchers lead to design breakthroughs, shaping the quality of life.
by Eileen Watkins
Perspective - Fall 2004
As the International Interior Design Association celebrates its 10-year anniversary, leading global designers contemplate the future of the design profession.
by Adrienne J. Rewi
Image Conscious
Perspective - Fall 2004
The interior design profession deserves respect, a symbiosis with its fellow professions and true recognition from the end user.
by Katriel Costello
Building Momentum
Perspective - Summer 2004
Designers focus on sustainable design — the renewable, the reusable and the reimagined.
by Judi Ketteler
The Brave New World
Perspective - Summer 2003
NeoCon Chicago keynote speaker Richard Florida discusses the impact of the "creative class" on work, play, the economy and popular culture.
by Ross Foti