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Best Thing Ever Award Creative Materials


Best Thing Ever (BTE) is your campus center’s crowning achievement of the past year. How does your campus center support the vision of IIDA through student initiatives? Tell us. Or better yet, show us. The project of excellence submitted must have been completed during the calendar year (January - December 2019).


Prepare and submit:

  • One PowerPoint/Prezi presentation (8-12 slides) accompanied by a supporting narrative up to 500 words or one 3 - 4 minute video statement uploaded to YouTube* describing the program, CEU, project, or event that best exemplifies your campus center's Best Thing Ever.

*If uploading a YouTube video, make sure to change your video’s privacy settings to “Unlisted.”

Submission should address the following:

  • Membership – How does your campus center promote the value of IIDA membership? The campus center should show how it developed an enthusiastic and effective way to retain current members and attract new members. For specific events, please be sure to share associated costs and profits.
    • Things to consider:
      • What collateral and communications did your campus center create and use to promote membership and encourage member engagement? For example: newsletters, website, social media, and other communication channels.
      • What specific events or activities did your campus center initiate for membership recruitment or retention?
      • Did your IIDA campus center and students take advantage of the following IIDA resources: QUAD student newsletter, industry publications and reports, LEED reimbursement from the IIDA Foundation?
      • Did your IIDA campus center and students participate in the following national programs: IIDA Student Mentoring Program, IIDA Student Design Competition, IIDA Student Design Charette at NeoCon, Wilsonart Essay Competition, IIDA Student of the Year Award, IIDA Campus Center Awards?
  • Philanthropy – How does your campus center demonstrate excellence in community activities? This includes, but is not limited to, sponsoring and participating in local philanthropic endeavors targeting schools, neighborhoods, or the needy. The campus center should have a strong, positive presence within the design and university community.
    • Things to consider:
      • Has your campus center sponsored or participated in philanthropic efforts this year?
      • What events and programs showcase your campus center’s strong and positive presence in design and the community? How?
      • What other organizations, nonprofits, and clubs has your campus center worked with directly?
  • Education and Design - Campus centers should demonstrate excellence in overall development of producing educational programming, including how their internal programs elevate the knowledge and understanding of interior design.
    • Things to consider:
      • Does your campus center honor student designers with awards or incentives?
      • What events and programs has your campus center created that focuses on excellence in education programming? For example: lunch and learns with guest speakers, firm tours, portfolio reviews, mentoring programs, and industry events.