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Campus Centers

IIDA Student Members accomplish great things together

Campus Centers

Campus Centers provide an environment for the development and exchange of knowledge among students, educators, administration and design professionals. Participation in a Campus Center adds further value to your student membership because it involves working closely with your local IIDA Chapter or City Center to develop programs and events.


A Campus Center is a design-oriented club with at least seven to 10 IIDA Student Members. You must complete an IIDA Campus Center application and return it to IIDA Headquarters at

Help from Headquarters

IIDA strives to be a valuable asset to our student membership. Campus Centers provide students with the unique ability to take a leadership role within our Association. We are proud of what our Student Members accomplish, which is why we have several resources available to you:

  • Quad: a quarterly e-newsletter in which we can celebrate your campus centers achievements and successes. Email to find out more.
  • Have questions regarding IIDA Members? How to host and event? Where to look for sponsorship? Who your local Chapter Contacts are? How to get someone to come speak on your Campus? Ask us! We are here to help, send your questions to

Working With Your Chapter

After you submit your application to IIDA Headquarters, you will receive an email introducing you to your IIDA Chapter Vice President of Student Affairs. These Chapter liaisons are valuable resources for you and your fellow students as you begin to budget and plan events for the coming year. Send your Chapter liaison the following items:

  • Campus Center Budget.
  • Calendar of Events. A brief outline of the events you have planned or are considering for the coming month or semester.
  • Campus Center Roster. Include email addresses. The roster enables the Chapter to invite students to networking events and programs as well as student-specific events.

The Chapter is your best resource as you develop the structure of your Campus Center. Be sure to establish a sound relationship with your point person at the Chapter. Determine early on how you will communicate with them--in person, over the phone or via email.

Marketing Materials

Email to request information on available marketing materials.



Apply to be an IIDA Campus Center or renew your status. Download the application and email your completed form to

IIDA Campus Center Handbook

The Campus Center Handbook guides Campus Centers through the process of forming and running a successful IIDA Campus Center.

Download the handbook