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The annual IIDA Industry Roundtable brings together a select group of IIDA Industry and Designer Members for a facilitated session to discuss issues facing all partners working in the profession of Interior Design.

Held in Chicago each year, the Industry Roundtable has become an invaluable "brain trust" session for manufacturers and a quality opportunity for designers to exchange dialogue on issues addressing the built environment.


IIndustry Roundtable 23

2020 Executive Report:

What Clients Want: The Future of Place, Experience, and Worklife

As we look towards the future—of design, work, and society—do we think about the tangible, or do we think about our lives in context? In a rapidly-changing world, the future of the human experience designers are tasked with creating the adaptable and innovative objects and solutions that will define our homes, offices, and public spaces for years to come. 

Download the 2020 Industry Roundtable Executive Report (PDF)

IIDA Industry Roundtable 22

2019 Executive Report:

work | life decoded

Is work changing our lives—or is life changing our work? How important are data and demographics in the creation of a workplace (and a brand) that is diverse, relevant, civil, sustainable, and profitable? How do the connections between industries, ideas, behaviors, and contemporary culture affect how we work and why? 

Download the 2019 Industry Roundtable Executive Report (PDF)

IIDA Industry Roundtable 21

2018 Executive Report:

The Business of Design

The agenda for the 21st annual Industry Roundtale was particularly ambitious for this year's group of industry professionals: to contemplate the business of design via the filters of pressure, place, performance, profit,
strategy, and innovation.

Download the 2018 Industry Roundtable Executive Report (PDF)
See highlights from this year's discussion.

IIDA Industry Roundtable 20

2017 Executive Report:

Design Then, Design Now, Design Next

More than 30 professionals gathered at the 20th annual IIDA Industry Roundtable to reflect on two decades of design -- from assessing its past and present, to how design will rise to tomorrow’s challenges and shape our future.

Download the 2017 Industry Roundtable Executive Report (PDF)
See highlights from this year's dicussion.

iida industry roundtable 18

2016 Executive Report:

Design & Diversity

IIDA convened a group of design experts to discuss why gender, equity, and multidisciplinary thinking are essential to business. This report outlines our initial findings and establishes the IIDA Diversity Council’s goals for diversity in the Interior Design profession.

Download the 2016 Industry Roundtable Executive Report (PDF)

iida industry roundtable 18

2015 Executive Report:

Workplace Well-Being

Thirty members of the interior design community with diverse backgrounds addressed employee well-being as a necessary component in design strategy, and provided new perspectives on human-focused design.

Download the 2015 Industry Roundtable Executive Report (PDF)

2014 Executive Report:

People, Place and Work: Analyzing the Critical Factors that Effect How We Work and How We Manage

A dynamic range of professionals in the design community focused on key contemporary issues in HR and executive leadership and how they can be best prepared to meet the challenges they face in their workplaces today.

Download the 2014 Industry Roundtable Executive Report (PDF).



2013 Executive Report:

Leveraging Volatility: Balancing Critical Issues in Economics, Marketing and Design

A cross-section of leaders in Design and manufacturing met with a panel of futurists for an in-depth discussion of how to negotiate market volatility in a world where volatility is a constant.

Download the 2013 Industry Roundtable Executive Report (PDF).


2012 Executive Report:

Who, Where, How We Work: The Intersection of Culture, Workplace and Social Media

Roundtable participants focused on the changes in the industry, and in the world, their experience of the evolution of the workplace, and more importantly the way we work.

Download the 2012 Industry Roundtable Executive Report (PDF).



2011 Executive Report:

Navigating the New Normal

Leading industry professionals and IIDA Interior Designers convened for an insightful, provocative gathering focusing on the economy and its long term impact on the recent shift in business practice, with an underlying theme of “Adjustment.”

Download the 2011 Industry Roundtable Executive Report.



2010 Executive Report:

No Such Thing as Business as Usual

Twenty Interior Design industry leaders gathered to discuss and debate the top questions foremost on manufacturers' and suppliers' minds regarding the evolution of business as usual...

Download the 2010 Industry Roundtable Executive Report.




What is IIDA Industry Roundtable?


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