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International Interior Design Association

Chicago, IL
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International Dual membership and International membership reflect the association’s international focus. These membership levels allow you to take advantage of membership benefits and networking opportunities wherever you are located.

International Membership

If you an active interior designer located outside of an area covered by an IIDA chapter, you can apply as an International Member. International Members can join at the Professional, Associate, or Affiliate level. With your application, you must submit:

  • Interior design certificate, degree or diploma
  • Resume showing you have completed the relevant work experience 

Access the International membership application.

International Dual

If you are already an active member with one of the associations listed below, and are located outside the United States, you can qualify as an International Dual Member. IIDA offers you a reduced rate to become a member at a Professional, Associate, or retired level. When you have IIDA as a secondary membership you automatically have a network of designers and a roster of events that can help you get more out of your career:

  • IDC, Canada
  • BIID, UK

Apply online now.

International Membership Dues

International Dual Member

Proof of active membership in one of the above listed organizations will be required yearly along with application and dues.

Professional: $145
Associate: $125

International Membership Dues

Professional: $370
Associate: $208

International Design School: $135