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You know that Design demands persistence. It’s your passion for Design that drives you, and that finds you still at it when all the others have gone home. Every Designer has a persistence that helps to define his or her body of work, and that often leads to being the “last to leave” at the end of the day. IIDA shares that persistence and passion, staying right there supporting you and the profession all the while. We certainly have our stories of being the last to leave — and we know that you have yours. You’re one of us. You’re IIDA. Below you’ll find a couple of stories from IIDA Members, describing their inspirations, motivations and aspirations as Designers … and how they’ve been the Last to Leave.


The International Interior Design Association advances the profession of Interior Design through the progressive cultivation of innovative leadership and by constantly advocating for exceptional design. We work with you and for you to shape your future in design.  Whether you are a student, a project manager, an entrepreneur, or a retired designer, IIDA has a membership level and privileges for you.