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Member Appellations

If you are a member in good standing, you can use the IIDA acronym after your name. Using your IIDA designation shows your clients, employers, and peers that you are deeply committed to your profession. It demonstrates to a prospective employer that you have the qualifications that give you an edge. 


Status Appellation Example
Professional IIDA Jane Doe, IIDA
College of Fellows FIIDA John Smith, FIIDA
Associate Associate IIDA or Assoc. IIDA Joe Doe, Associate IIDA
Joe Doe, Assoc. IIDA
Student Student IIDA John Smith, Student IIDA
Affiliate Affiliate IIDA Jean Doe, Affiliate IIDA
Industry Industry IIDA or Ind. IIDA Joan Smith, Industry IIDA
Joan Smith, Ind. IIDA
Honorary Honorary IIDA or Hon. IIDA

Jean Smith, Honorary IIDA
Jean Smith, Hon. IIDA

  • Remember to capitalize IIDA. Do not separate with periods or other punctuation.
  • List IIDA first when you include multiple appellations. Alphabetize ensuing appellations. Example: Richard Pollack, FIIDA, FAIA.
  • Retired members may continue to use the IIDA or Associate IIDA appellation as appropriate.

Are you maximizing your professional exposure? Use your IIDA credential:

  • On your business cards, website, and letterhead
  • When being interviewed in the newspaper
  • When receiving recognition in press releases, newsletters, and announcements