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Member Logos

IIDA Members in good standing are permitted to use the IIDA logo with the appropriate appellation for personal use. Using your IIDA designation in a logo format shows your clients, employers and peers that you are deeply committed to your profession.

Use the IIDA logo on:

  • business cards
  • a professional website
  • letterhead

While IIDA does encourage its Members to make use of this benefit, we also encourage you to use the logo responsibly. Please read the following rules of logo use:

The IIDA logo is always to be used in its original proportions. Never condense, expand or distort the logo beyond its original proportions.

Clear Space:
A minimum clear space should be maintained around the logo at all times, online and in print, to ensure its visibility and protect its integrity. A simple rule for determining the appropriate clear space regardless of logo size is 1/8 the width of the icon.

Logo Content:
The logo is the most important carrier of the IIDA identity. It is important to use the logo (graphic icon) and logotype (typeset text below the icon) consistently and in its entirety.To access your Membership logo, log in to the Members only section of the IIDA website.