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2019 Titan Award Recipient

Liz Ogbu

Liz OgbuLiz Ogbu is founder and principal of Studio O, a design firm that works at the intersection of racial and spatial justice. She is an expert on social, sustainable, and spatial innovation in challenged urban environments globally. From designing shelters for immigrant day laborers in the United States to a water and health social enterprise for low-income Kenyans, Ogbu has a long history of working with communities in need to leverage design to address issues of power and privilege and catalyze deep social impact.

Ogbu earned architecture degrees from Wellesley College and Harvard University. Her projects have been featured in museum exhibitions and profiled in publications globally. Her honors include: Global Fellow, TEDWomen Speaker, and one of Public Interest Design’s Top 100.



Titan Award Recipients

This award recognizes outstanding service to the Interior Design profession by a design-related individual, company or organization. 

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